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Boost Traffic To Your Dental Practice Website – 4 Top Tips


Boost Traffic To Your Dental Practice Website – 4 Top Tips

No one likes to feel invisible – including your dental practice website. With more and more people relying on the internet when searching for a new dentist, your website definitely needs to get the attention it deserves and stand out from the crowd. Your website is a powerful online dental marketing tool but only if it’s optimised properly to attract the right visitors – otherwise, it’s pretty much useless.

The problem is, between running your business, dental practice management and providing great patient care, it doesn’t really leave you much spare time to perfect your marketing skills does it? But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 quick and simple tips to help boost traffic to your website with minimal effort:

Tip # 1: Show your dental website some love

A massive part of how successful your online dental marketing efforts are comes down to having a great website. You should really view your site as an extra employee – one who is the face of your business and works around the clock to answer patient queries and even make sales. With up to 60% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, don’t scare off all these users with a website that’s unresponsive! It’s also worth taking the time to make sure your dental website is super easy to navigate and loads pages lightning fast.
Boost Traffic To Your Dental Practice Website

Tip # 2: Get on YouTube

Unlike plain old static images, engaging videos on your dental website help you stand out from the crowd. Not only are they a powerful way to increase brand awareness but they boost online visibility too. As a quick example, did you know that videos have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text and get up to 50 x more organic page rankings? We’d say that alone makes grabbing a camera or hiring a video editor well worth it! Stuck for ideas? How about a tour of your practice, a quick tooth brushing demo, or an informative Q&A?

Tip # 3: Become a blogger

We could go all day listing the endless benefits of adding a dental blog to your website and the ways it helps online dental marketing – but we promised to make it snappy. So in essence search engines love fresh content, so writing regular blogs hits their sweet spot nicely. It also gives you space to bond with your patients, share information, show off your expertise, and add even more SEO content to your dental website. Don’t have time? Hire an industry-specific copywriter to get your message out.

Tip # 4: Be more social

boost-your-dental-practiceYour social media platforms are an awesome way to connect with potential patients, boosting your visibility and site traffic – as long as you stay active. So come on, don’t be shy! Post updates and photos regularly, share any practice news, throw in a few polls, respond to questions and comments (politely!) and brag about your latest blog content.

There you have it, 4 quick-fire ways to attract more virtual visitors. While you won’t see a difference overnight, these strategies will definitely help supercharge your dental website and boost traffic in the long-run. Don’t forget, at Ace DM we’ve got many more online dental marketing strategies up our sleeve, so let’s team up and get your dental practice top of the search engine pile! Call us today on (02) 8073 8330 and let us help your website get the attention it deserves.

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