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Dental 266

Dental 266 is a Sydney-based, growing dental clinic with two locations in the city of Burwood. The clinic started in 2009 and is headed by its two accomplished dentists, Daphne Kao and Kenneth Wong. After expanding their business in with a second clinic and recruiting more dentists, they looked for an SEO agency to assist in filling up the new dentists’ booking capacity.

Client: Dental 266
Project type: SEO and Website Development

5233 %

Increase in traffic

Before and After SEO


Dental 266 had a website already and an existing SEO agency which had already been managing their marketing campaign for a couple of years. However, the previous agency fell short of helping to generate profits for Dental 266 since signing up. ACE Digital Marketing was then hired to perform a website audit for Dental 266 and found many areas for improvement.


  • Initial Website Audit - discovered technical SEO optimisation issues and “unfriendly” user website design
  • Execution of full Local SEO optimisation service using ACE DM approach
  • Full redesign and development of website to a “modern, professional and attractive look” hosted on one of the fastest, internationally recognised hosting engines
  •  Mobile optimisation using responsive design
  • Rewrote all content and updated its new services section
SEO Services
SEO Result


  • Increase in site visits by over 200% within a 2-3-month period from April 17’ to July 17’
    • From April 17’ to April 18’, site traffic has increased by 5,233%
    •  24 new patient requests for appointments in a month’s period via phone and online booking form on the upgraded website
    •  675% increase on keywords on first page of Google


    • The merging of professional web design and a data-driven SEO campaign for Dental266 is a cost-effective and strategic method to leverage an online asset to boost the number of new patients and revenues.
    •  Initial positive results from SEO and web design need to be sustained by consistent monitoring of Dental 266’s online competitor landscape, and adapt through continuous SEO activities as well as content marketing.