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Get More Orthodontic Patients Using These Killer Marketing Ideas


Get More Orthodontic Patients Using These Killer Marketing Ideas

Looking to grow your orthodontic practice and increase your customer base? Of course you are! In that case you need a killer marketing plan in place. So here’s the good news…

In your line of work, your patient demographic is quite specific – which saves time narrowing down your target audience (i.e. those who want a straighter smile.) So as you already know the type of people looking for your services, all we need to do now is find them. Sounds simple right? Well actually, it sort of is. We’ve put together four super-easy but creative tactics bound to send patients your way when they’re looking to straighten things out.

Check out these four orthodontic marketing tips:

Make friends with the competition

First up, it’s the good old fashioned ‘build-a-bond and send-me-all-your-patients’ type of tactic. Orthodontic referrals are one of the best ways to get new patients – Why? Because they’re free. To get started, reach out to the local dental practices in your area and arrange a meet. Try to build a professional relationship first before you dive in and ask for referrals. Let them see your passion and expertise in your field. Don’t forget, remind the dentist that this also works both ways – you’ll meet patients that might be looking for, say, dental implants and now you know just the dentist to recommend…

Get your patients to spread the love

get-more-orthodontic-patients-marketing-ideasNext, it’s time to get some orthodontic referrals from your existing patients. This clever tactic is an awesome way to get new patients that you might never have found otherwise. But, there is a catch…it works best if you offer something in return. It doesn’t have to cost you the earth but you’ll need to make referring others worth their while. Here’s an idea: when a patient successfully sends you an orthodontic referral, knock $50 off their next treatment to say thank you. We’d say that’s a pretty cheap deal to bag a new patient and keep your existing patient happy too – so that’s a win-win in our books.

Share your knowledge

Do people in your neighbourhood fully understand what orthodontic treatment really is? Do they know the benefits of seeing an orthodontist? Probably not. Set aside some time to hold a few local discussions at your practice to chat about the health benefits of straight teeth and how it runs deeper than just sheer vanity. Offer treatment-based literature that’s attractively designed and highlights your website clearly. Speaking of which, use your online presence to set up a blog that discusses topics such as ‘Fixed vs Removable Braces?’ or ‘Can I wear braces with dental implants?’

Educating patients goes a long way in helping them notice you and view you as a reliable and reputable practice that they’d feel confident trusting for their orthodontic treatment. What’s more, get your staff involved and brief them on your most common FAQ’s – be known as a helpful, friendly and informative dental practice, both online and in practice.

Round up some reviews

Nowadays the first thing people look at when choosing a service provider is their recent reviews – and it’s no different when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Good or bad, your online reviews have the power to influence a person’s decision. So how can you get more positive feedback? Start by simply asking your patients to go online and leave a review of your services and their treatment experience. You’ll likely be surprised at how many patients are willing to do this for you – remember, you’ve just changed their life and given them something to smile about, literally!

These are great ideas – but what next?

killer-marketing-ideasYou’ve probably realised from these few orthodontic marketing tips, that there are many different ways to consistently attract new patients and grow your orthodontic practice. If you’re serious about boosting patient numbers, why not drop us a line at Ace DM to find out whether we’d make the perfect marketing match? Get in touch today on (02) 8073 8330 and let us help you take your orthodontic practice to the next level.

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