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Why You Need to Use SEO Advertising to Get SEO That Works

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Why You Need to Use SEO Advertising to Get SEO That Works

seo that worksIn need of SEO that works, and works fast?

There are over 250 million websites on the internet.

Making yours stand out amongst the rest is not an easy task to go at alone.

While generating organic SEO is certainly a necessity, there’s  more you can do to edge out the competition.

This is where SEO advertising comes in. SEO advertising is different than organic SEO in that its results do not appear in the natural search results section. Instead, these results appear in the sponsored results section. They’re typically on the right-hand side or top of the page.

The fee for these ads is typically calculated by using the number of clicks the advertisement attracts- also know as Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC).

There is a lot of debate out there whether using paid SEO advertising in addition to organic SEO is necessary to secure clicks.

Yes, the debate is worthwhile. Why dedicate precious advertising money to views you might be able to get for free? This could be downright wasteful, couldn’t it?

Possibly, but that’s very unlikely.

If your website isn’t very well known or it’s got some competition out there for search terms, investing in SEO advertising, in addition to organic SEO, is the quickest way to get the job done effectively.

Read on to discover why you need to use SEO advertising to get SEO that works.

SEO That Works: Top of the Results Page

Appearing on the second page of Google is basically the equivalent of being handed a participation trophy. You aren’t any real danger to competition, but thanks for trying!

96 percent of all Google traffic goes to websites on the first page and 75 percent of Google users don’t even click past the first page of results.

So what’s the best way to get to the top, and get there fast?

Well, unlike natural SEO, which takes a bit of time, SEO advertising skyrockets you to the top of the search engine results page.

But does it matter how long my website has existed? Or does it matter how much content I’ve published? I’ve just started my search engine optimization management. Surely this must be taken into account?

Nope, nope, and nope.

No matter how brand spankin’ new you are to SEO, your website and domain will be on the top of the lists if you use paid ads.

Google itself did a study on how organic and paid search results work together.

The results?

Google found that 89 percent of clicks on search ads are incremental. This traffic is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused, and therefore is missed. Furthermore, even with a number one organic ranking, paid ads accounted for an average of 50 percent of visits.

However, there is, of course, a caveat to this.

In order for the SEO ads to generate quality results, they must be designed and handled properly. This is where using a professional SEO services company comes in. They can provide invaluable assistance in making sure your ads are of top quality.

SEO That Works: Instant and Consistent Traffic

Traffic and patience are two words that simply don’t go together.

No one likes to play the waiting game when it comes to generating traffic for their site. If you are working with a professional SEO company, they should be able to realistically set up an ad for you in a matter of hours.

This can be super-beneficial to new websites who have little to no exposure in the search engines.

And not only do SEO ads ensure the traffic is immediate, they ensure that the flow remains steady.

Massive lulls in traffic can kill a website.

SEO advertising basically puts you in the controller’s seat for traffic flow. This is because traffic amounts are directly tied to how much your business is willing to pay per click, per day, or per month.

SEO That Works: No Surprise Penalties

SEO advertising is more than just a driving force for traffic. It’s also a safeguard for it.

What does this mean?

Turns out, Google doesn’t mess around when it comes to penalizing sites for not conforming to their standards.

They are periodically updating their guidelines in regards to  what consitutes as quality content and what consitutes as spam-y content.

If you are solely using organic SEO in your marketing, a sudden update can have devastating effects on your campaign.

Many companies experienced this setback not too far back, when Google rolled out their Over Optimization Penalty. This policy slapped down some harsh penalities by devaluing sites that were overusing keywords to improve rank- a tactic known as “keyword stuffing.”

So, how do I ensure that months of hard work and dedication building and optimizing my site don’t go to waste?

Use paid SEO advertising.

SEO ads are not influenced by penalizations. If new guidelines and policies are put in place and your site drops rank (even if its’s to the latter pages), SEO ads will still remain at the top of the page.

The safety net provided by SEO ads will give you time to tweak your organic results to fit the new guidelines, while still generating sales and traffic.

SEO That Works: Brand Awareness

Even if for some crazy reason you don’t get as many clicks as you’d hoped for with your SEO ads, there’s still a pretty big silver lining.

Yes, getting users to click on your ads is the ultimate goal, but even if they don’t click the ad, they still see the ad.

And what good does that do?

Seeing an ad at the top of the search results makes an impression on consumers and it is incredible for building brand awareness.

Google did a study on this, with the results clearly indicating that SEO ads have a clear and positive impact on brand awareness.

And, not only do search ads build brand awareness, they also do so in the moments that matter most.

Unlike TV ads and print ads which pop up at times when consumers aren’t the least bit interested in consuming, search ads pop up at times when consumers are actually shopping and gathering product information.

SEO That Works: Target, Test, Track, Repeat

Even though sponsored ads don’t receive as many clicks as organic ads, the truth is, with sponsored ads, you get to have a little more fun.

Let’s be honest for a second- staying within all of the guidelines for website optimization can be kind of annoying. You may think you have a great idea for your site, but if it doesn’t  fall within the optimization guidelines, the idea may not be so great after all.

As important as natural results are, you unfortunately cannot test, edit, optimize , and change these results at will. However, with paid ads you can do just that.

With SEO ads you can go buck wild with changes and not have to worry about it dramatically effecting your sponsored ranking.

And, here comes the fun part, after you’ve made these changes, you get to test them out!

For example, you can create several ads for one campaign, tweaking and editing each ad to your heart’s desire. Then, you can run each of the ads ( best to try for a minumum of 30 days), and then analyze the data to determine which ad was the most successful.

And here’s the kicker- this process of creating ads and testing them for effectiveness isn’t something you can do with most traditional forms of advertising.

Take newspapers, for example. Not only is a full page spread relatively expensive, there is no systematic data in place that allows you to closely track the success of a newspaper ad campaign.

Tracking SEO Advertising

With SEO advertising, you can literally track down every ad, every keyword, every dollar, and even every cent spent. This will give you both extremely accurate ROI numbers as well as a clear picture of what is and what isn’t working.

*Bonus Tip: Got any naysayers on your team who refuse to get down with SEO advertising? It might be time to take drastic meaures.

Try cutting off paid ads for a brief period of time and analyze the revenue generation and CTR statistics during that time period.

Yes, this measure can quickly impact your revenues, but it will just as quickly convince any naysayers that coupling SEO ads with organic SEO practices is the way to go if you want SEO that works.

SEO That Works: Conclusion

Pairing SEO advertising with organic SEO strategies is like pairing milk with cookies.

Both can do fine on their own- but together, they’re an unstoppable force (yes, milk and cookies are an unstoppable force- that’s not an exaggeration).

SEO advertising can help you get on that coveted first page of search engine results, which automatically gives you quick and valuable exposure. This exposure quickly turns into more traffic for your site, and there’s no doubt that an increase in traffic leads to an increase in sales.

Bottom line? Relying on organic search engine optimization is not enough. Just about every type of business can benefit from SEO advertising- that is, when it’s done right.

If you want SEO that works and you want it now, contact us today.

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